Features of the Explorer Program:

  • a one year program for children aged 3 to 4 years.
  • the emphasis is on the development of musical awareness, listening and language skills through singing, moving, dancing and playing untuned percussion.
  • maximum class size is 8 children.
  • lessons are 45 minutes long each.
  • parent or carer joins the class for the last 10 to 15 minutes of the lesson.
  • a home activity is set each week for the children to complete.
  • a weekly parent card explains the musical ideas covered in that week's lessons.
  • classes are run in blocks of 8 or 9 weeks during school terms but children may join at any time. Experience in the Adventurer Program is not a pre-requisite.
  • each child received a home package containing materials to be used at home for activities that support each lesson.  This package covers materials needed for a whole semester (two terms) and includes a strong vinyl carry bag for transport of materials to and from lessons, a CD of songs and music used in the program, worksheets with activities for your child to do at home and bring to the next session, a weekly explanation card for parents detailing the concepts covered in class and giving information on how to assist the child to complete the weekly activity.

What will your child do in an Explorer Class?

Lessons activities include singing, moving, dancing, drama, finger plays, creativity, playing untuned percussion and games involving all of these.  Children find the lessons lots of fun and full of energy and sounds.

They develop confidence, self-esteem, listening and language skills as well as building a real understanding of musical concepts such as:

  • loud and soft
  • fast and slow
  • high and low
  • going up and going down
  • smooth and bouncy
  • dynamics

The weekly take home activities encourage the continuation of music making at home with parents.