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About Us at MusikMakers

The MusikMakers Programs were originally written by Julia Newton of Perth, and Linda Pierard of Melbourne. Julia started her career as a primary school music specialist before leaving the school system to teach early childhood and piano privately. She developed a thriving business but was uncomfortable teaching an American-style program that she felt didn't relate to the context of Australian children. Together with Linda she set out to develop an Australian program written for Australian children: MusikMakers.

Linda and Julia were joined by Catherine Solomon of Brisbane, who was closely involved in the preparation of the Maestro for Schools Program. All three women participated in the training of studio teachers and in piloting the programs and are all highly experienced in early childhood music education.

In recent years Julia was largely responsible for the continuing development of the educational programs until her death from cancer in 2013. MusikMakers continues as a family business run by Julia's husband Terry (who has been involved in MusikMakers since its inception), son Michael (also a music teacher), and daughter Helen. Together they continue to promote the MusikMakers vision of a uniquely Australian early childhood music education program, developed to give children the best start in both their musical and general education!


 Catherine, Linda and Julia

Julia Newton graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Music, a Diploma of Teaching (WA) and was an Associate of the Music Examinations Board (Australia).  She had over 30 years experience in early childhood education as a primary teacher, advisory teacher and a specialist music teacher.  Julia was an experienced and successful piano and music theory teacher with National Accreditation.  In recent years, Julia specialised in music education for very young children and the production of materials for that age group, culminating in the MusikMakers Programs.

Linda Pierard has a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Music from the US, plus five years study at the Nordwestdeutsche Musikakedemie in Germany.  She has had more than 25 years experience in teaching music  young children.

Catherine Solomon has Bachelor's Degrees in teaching primary music from Queensland University of Technology, and also in Educational Studies from University of Queensland.  She has taught music theory, piano and recorder for 15 years and taught for two years as a music specialist in a Brisbane primary school.

The Newton Family has been involved in MusikMakers in one way or another since its beginnings. Terry continues the day to day running of the business. Michael and Helen (a violist and singer) have been involved in the arranging and recording of many MusikMakers songs. Michael has a Masters degree in Music Education from the University of Western Australia, and began his teaching career as a primary school music teacher, before changing to secondary while working in the UK. They are joined by Michael's wife Anita, who began her career as a sound recordist in film and and TV, before successfully starting and running small businesses, an area she still works in as a small business coach.