Information for Parents

How old will the other children be in my child's class?

In Adventurer, the children's ages range from 18 months to a maximum of 3 years.
In Explorer, ages range from 3 - 4 years.
In Maestro 1, ages range from 4 - 5+ years.
In Maestro 2, ages range from 5 - 6+ years

Do I need to participate?

In Adventurer classes,(18 mths - 3 yrs), you or a caregiver will be with your child at all times and you both take part in all activities.
In Explorer classes (3 - 4 yrs), your child will stay with the teacher for two thirds of the class time and you will join them for the remaining time at the end to take part in selected activities related to that lesson.
In Maestro 1 and Maestro 2 classes, your child will stay with the teacher for three quarters of the lesson and you will join the class for the remaining time to take part in selected
activities related to that lesson.

How many children are in each class?

Adventurer classes have a maximum of twelve children plus parents
Explorer classes have a maximum of eight children
Maestro 1 and Maestro 2 classes have a maximum of twelve children.

How long are MusikMakers lessons?

Lesson times are:

  •         Adventurer  (18 mths - 3 yrs) - 45 minutes
  •         Explorer  (3 - 4 yrs) - 45 minutes
  •         Maestro 1 (4 - 5+ yrs) - 60 minutes
  •         Maestro 2 (5 - 6+ yrs) - 60 minutes

What will my child do in class?

All MusikMakers classes are musically oriented.  Each class covers a different age group, so activities suitable for that age group are presented involving singing, playing untuned and some tuned percussion instruments, creative movement, games, story telling, listening, dance and much more.

Is MusikMakers just about learning music?

MusikMakers pre-instrumental lessons do not aim to teach formal music and do not teach notation on a stave as this is often visually confusing for a young child. Musical concepts such as high and low, fast and slow, beat and rhythm are used through all of the programs in progressively more complex ways to develop a thorough understanding of their importance and place in music. They are also used as vehicles to develop skills in language, listening, gross and fine motor movement, social interaction, comprehension, confidence and cooperation, all of which are necessary for effective learning.

What should my child / I wear to class?

You should both wear comfortable clothes suitable for floor and movement activities

Can I bring siblings? 

Discuss this with your teacher.  Many teachers welcome siblings provided that they are with you at all times.

Does MusikMakers just involve weekly lessons?

No. Each week there is a home activity to be completed. The home activities build on the material presented in the class and help to reinforce the ideas and skills already learned.

How much does MusikMakers cost?

The lesson costs are set by individual teachers but MusikMakers aims to make the lessons as affordable as possible.

Why does MusikMakers only cater for children 18 months and older?

Children under 18 months have widely different eating and sleeping patterns, so they will be sleepy or hungry at different times - something you won't want to have happen during your class time.  Within that age group there are also vastly different degrees of mobility - so if your pre-18 month baby is immobile, crawling or doesn't want to toddle, a 40 - 45 minute class involving lifting and carrying can become quite challenging for the mother /caregiver.
MusikMakers believes that all babies should be exposed to music BUT
•  the best person to teach them is you
•  the best time to do a music activity is whenever your baby is happy
•  activities should be presented throughout the day - a little at a time

Some of the best things you can do for your pre 18 mth baby is to spend short periods of time with them throughout the day, alternatively singing, interacting and playing, talking and making noises as you maintain eye contact, gently dancing to various music styles, 'reading' from picture books, quietly rocking as you sing (or to music) and even gentle appropriate massage.  It's easy to break up the day with a raft of simple, very short, interactive activities,  done at times when your baby is happy to accept them.  Even if you think you can't sing, your baby won't think so.  They love the sound of your voice; it's been a special part of them since well before they were born!

Why should I choose MusikMakers?

  • MusikMakers programs are Australian. Written and developed in Australia for Australian children
  • Each program caters for a restricted age range so that children are interacting with others at their own stage of physical and intellectual development.
  • MusikMakers classes are small: maximum class sizes are 12 for Adventurer, 8 for Explorer and 12 for Maestro.
  • The ideas and concepts presented in each program are appropriate for the developmental stage of the children.
  • MusikMakers programs have a firm grounding in the ideas of the great music educators such as Orff, Dalcrose and Kodaly.
  • Children enjoy the lessons. MusikMakers is fun!

Can I do a trial class?

Talk to your teacher about this. A trial class will often depend on the number of children already in the class.  Teachers cannot exceed the set number and the make up of the class will also determine if a trial class is appropriate.

What is MusikMakers Performer?

MusikMakers Performer is a piano / keyboard program for young children, for use either in small group sessions (maximum 4 children) or for individual lessons.  Each lesson includes the new lesson material, revision, ear training activities, sight reading, theory, composition, games and a challenge based on the lesson material (teach yourself this piece).  All activities for each level are combined in one book.  The Performer series covers approximately two years of lessons.  There are four books in the series. Find out more about the Performer series by going to the Performer section on the website.


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