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About Maestro for Schools

The Maestro for Schools program is a two year program designed for the early primary school years. The program consists of 8 books that run for one term each. Each term's program is complete with a Teachers, printable worksheets for use in class, an Audio CD, and resources that can be used at home by parents to complement the work done at school.

Teacher's Guide

Each Maestro lesson is clearly set out with a detailed sequence.  The materials required for each lesson are listed and essential background material provided for the teacher.

The Maestro Teacher's Guides:

  • contains a comprehensive lesson plan for each of the 10 lessons.
  • contains a list of suggested materials, props and instruments that could be used to enhance the lessons.
  • includes a CD of songs that can be used with the unit.
  • includes an activity for children to do in class.
Unit2BookCover Unit7BookCover
Click the links below to download sample lesson plans from Unit 2:
Lesson 1 Sample Page
Lesson 3 Sample Page
 Click the links below to download sample lesson plans from Unit 7:
Lesson 5 Sample Page
Lesson 8 Sample Page

 Audio CDs

As part of the teacher resources for the Maestro Schools Programs, a specially created Audio CD is provided as a teaching and learning aide.

The Audio CD for each unit

  • has all the songs and rhymes that are used in the lessons for that unit.
  • exerts to illustrate the musical instruments that are introduced in the unit.
  • exerts to illustrate the work of the great composers introduced in the unit
U1-&-2-CD-Case-CoverClick here to listen to a track from the CD for Unit 3 U3-&-4-CD-Case-CoverClick here to listen to a track from the CD for Unit 4

Class Activity Worksheets

The Maestro Activities Materials CD has PDF files of worksheets designed as follow up material for the weekly lessons in the relevant unit.  A copy for each child can be printed by schools that have purchased the CD.

U1CD2 Click below for Sample Activity Sheets from Unit 1
Example 1
Example 2
U2CD2 Click below for Sample activity sheets from Unit 2
Example 1
Example 2


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