Why Choose MusikMakers?

MusikMakers programs:

  • are seriously good fun.
  • provide quality music education specifically developed for Australian children.
  • enhance not only the musical development, but also physical, intellectual and emotional development of your students.
  • incorporate activities that are appropriate to your student's stage of development.
  • are pitched at a price that parent's can afford.
  • have small classes so that children feel secure and can receive individual attention and support.
  • develop listening and communication skills, creativity, coordination and an understanding and love of music.

What do Children do in a MusikMakers Early Childhood Lesson?

All MusikMakers programs for young children are interactive and activity based.  The activities used are appropriate to the children's stage of mental and physical development.  MusikMakers programs maintain the children's interest and enjoyment through:

  • Vocal Play
  • Drama
  • Active listening
  • Creative dance
  • Singing
  • Sound exploration
  • Movement
  • Beat activities
  • Introduction and use of rhythm names

Each lesson is reinforced and complemented by an activity that children complete at home during the week.
"We have been very pleased with the program.  Our son enjoys his lesson and is interested in the music, the instruments, the musicians and the concepts.  The program seems to be structured to lead the students developmentally through the concepts to build understanding and confidence.  As we had hoped, our son has increased his enthusiasm for music, had important opportunities for socialisation, improved his ability to take instruction, built a foundation for his development of music skills, and had lots of fun!"
Angela, Samson WA

"I particularly like the interdisciplinary approach to teaching music which incorporates all the arts- music, drama and visual art.  My daughter enjoys going and learning music in a fun, creative way.  Movement and song help the younger child grasp concepts in a creative way."
Una, Bullcreek, WA

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